Monday, May 20, 2013

PaleoRx 2013: Deload Week

Jared, Josh, Raul, Leah, Sunnie's back, and Blair

What a great turnout for this past weekend's PaleoRx Iron Chef challenge. So many people brought so many tasty dishes, it was hard to just "taste" them... we went in a finished off all the plates!

A huge thank you to Sarah M for spearheading this challenge, and for Gina P for setting up our event fun!

Remember for those who finished the PaleoRx challenge up until this point, you'll be deloading this week and slowly starting to incorporate other things back into your diet. Take it nice and slow and pay attention to what foods affect you in certain ways.


WOD for Skills Week Monday 5/20


back squat 3x5 (go heavier than last time)


for time:
21 power cleans, 61/45kg
42 hand-release pushups
15 power cleans, 61/45kg
30 hand-release pushups
9 power cleans, 61/45kg
18 hand-release pushups

Post times to whiteboard/comments/Cody.


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Let’s be real! Your mouth is the beginning of your digestive tract, and as you keep your gut healthy, you must also keep the top end (your mouth) healthy as well. As easy as it is to get “leaky gut syndrome,” you can also get a sort of “leaky mouth syndrome” as well.  In dental speak we call this periodontal disease.
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