Tuesday, March 19, 2013



WOD for Tuesday 3/19 - Deload Week


10 minute paleo chair test


"Death By 10m"

With two markers 10 meters apart. Every minute on the minute perform 1 shuttle run. Increase by 1 rep every minute. You are eliminated when you cannot physically continue or when you fail to maintain the pace with the clock.

Immediately after finishing complete the following:

50 reps each:
- rollout (any style)
- good morning (your choice weight)
- cast wall walks

Post total shuttles completed and max paleo chair time to whiteboard.


Salad dressings sold in grocery stores almost always contain sugar and are often loaded with a host of frightening ingredients. While olive oil and balsamic vinegar is a tasty combination, it can definitely get old.

Here are some delicious and simple salad dressings you can easily make: http://paleodietlifestyle.com/salad-dressing-and-vinaigrettes/

The next GYM NUTRITION CHALLENGE will begin mid-April. Get prepped! Get excited!

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