Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paramount Team Challenge Recap... and jerks.

We had a three teams compete in the Paramount Team Challenge this past Sunday in Shoreline:

  • Wreckx-N-Effect: Mark-Anthony & AB (6th Place Firebreather)
  • Team SASSYHIP: Sheena & Mika
  • Swoll Children: Mario & Boudy
And of course we had some of our fam come up and support:

All while Cheryl was being a badass judge for the entire day:

Results here.


WOD for Wednesday 2/20


play with the back lever for 15 minutes


7 rounds for best quality:
200m run
7 jerks, any style

The goal is not to do these quickly, but as best as possible. This is your time to develop your footwork, both for POSE Method running and the push or split jerk.


Rich Froning 2010 vs Rich Froning 2012 - The Rx Review

Amazing what you can accomplish in two years, regardless of level. I am currently tied with Rich in the CrossFit Open!!! You can be too- SIGN UP HERE. Paul Br just did!

click and embiggen!


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