Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lost & Found (soon to be Donated!)

You have one week to pick up your water bottles, jackets, t-shirts, shoes left behind in the gym. They are in the Lost & Found box next to the AirDyne. We're going to send these to charity by the end of the week. In the future, the Lost & Found box will be emptied at month-end without notice.

Also, please keep your gym clean. It's YOUR gym:
  • The cubby is not a permanent home for your water bottle
  • Chalk is meant to remain in the chalk bucket. Do not break pieces off and carry them with you.
  • Keep hands in the chalk bucket when using it.
  • Return equipment (and wipe down, if necessary) after use.
  • Recap markers when using them.
  • Respect your fellow athletes and use proper hygiene.
  • Put your journals back at the end of class- otherwise BURPEES!
Thanks for making our gym so legit!



establish within 30 minutes:
snatch 1RM

You will have 30 minutes to warmup and find your 1RM snatch- it doesn't matter how you snatch (power vs squat), we just want to see large weights over your head! Post results to whiteboard.


Nutritionist: Coconut Water is Overpriced and Overhyped - My Northwest

Is it? Like they mentioned in the article, most people don't push themselves hard enough. Remember that CrossFit is still in the minority and more often than not, people don't know what it's like to go as intensely as you folk do.

Still better than Gatorade if you want my opinion. Depending on the brand you can get minimal and clean ingredients. Let's avoid dehydration and cramping!


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Lee A said...

Being paleo, I'd much rather drink something like coconut water if it means I'm hydrating without taking in any HFCS.