Friday, February 12, 2010


CrossFitters at FCF should be very proud of the way they move. We hold a very high standard here and I'm very proud of all of you for adhering to it.

With amazing mechanics we work both safely and efficiently. Full range of motions keep us limber. Proper path of motion make things move faster. Muscular systems work in sync and are more proficient at lifting heavier loads.

We become consistent with uncompromising form. Masters at sports are so good because they practice virtuosity: doing the common uncommonly well. Build proper foundations and then building up is easy.

Finally we up the intensity. Go faster. Go heavier. Do both at the same time. If we get ahead of ourselves and use intensity before mechanics, we lose efficiency. Safety becomes an issue when range of motion is ignored. Injuries are prevalent because the general public doesn't realize the importance of strengthening. Only a handful know how to engage their shoulders. Fortunately for you, it's something done everyday.

You crawl before you walk. Walk a lot before you run. Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity.



3 rds for time:
500m row
12 deadlifts, BW
21 box jumps, 24"/20"

compare to 11DEC2009.

Row for the "bell" curve. The smoother your stroke, the better! Deadlift with proper mechanics: firmly planted heels, proper lumbar curvature, engaged lats (armpit pinching), and a big chest!

Jump high and do you best to land with a full foot. Hips open above the level of the box. Use lower back stretches post-wod in addition to our normal cool down.

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Well said, Well said...