Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Three Gym Throwdown

The Three-Gym Throwdown is this weekend! This means two things:
  1. Foundation CrossFit (Capitol Hill) will be closed.
  2. You should come to CrossFit SLU (South Lake Union) for your workout(s)!
This event is ONLY for members (past and present) of Foundation CrossFit, Rocket CrossFit and CrossFit SLU.

Registration and warmup starts at 9am. The first heat of the first workout starts at 10am sharp. The first heat of the second workout will happen around Noon. BBQ and potluck after!

We will have two catagories: Rx'ed and scaled. Shoot me an email to "register" for the workout(s).

For those that have been yearning for competition, this is your chance! For those who just want to have a fun workout, this is also your chance! Come as an individual and we'll put you on a team to play- we'll make them up that morning. Come join us for an awesome Saturday morning. Also, why not throw a mini-contest together for an official competition name?! Winner gets.. something.

Any additional questions, comments, excuses, and/or concerns can be sent to andrew@foundationcrossfit.com. Thanks!



every minute on the minute for 13 minutes:
1 power clean


for max load:
back squat 20RM


as many reps as possible in 60 seconds:
straight-leg seated press, 20/15kg

compare and contrast to 23MAY2012. Post loads used and reps to whiteboard.


Sunday's Oly Lift Seminar with Erin Okonek at CrossFit Marysville attendees:

Mark, Erin, Cheryl, AB, Eric, and Kristin


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